Why Are Branded Online Marketing Videos Important for Your Business?

Establishing a brand personality and online content for a business is an important aspect of marketing nowadays. Among the many different types of content, branded online marketing videos are some of the most productive and informational. Having marketing videos for your company’s website and social media pages communicates multiple, important pieces of information. To help diversify your company’s online content production and effectiveness of online branding, your company can look deeper into creating branded online marketing videos. Below, Biz Online Marketing gives an overview of what these videos are, the different types, and why they are so important for your business.

What are branded online marketing videos?

As part of a company’s digital marketing content, branded online marketing videos serve many different purposes. Videos typically serve as educational pieces for site visitors and viewers. Essentially, these marketing videos are crucial in communicating important information to viewers, while also effectively portraying a visual representation of the company’s personal brand. Transmission of both pieces of information tend to be most effectively when the videos are short and succinct. This way, they give viewers an idea of the answers they are looking for. However, there is some information not included in the videos, which prompts individuals to contact the company for further information. Moreover, it draws viewers in and gives them a taste of the branded online presence of the company.

Branded online marketing videos help build up your company’s online content and diversify the mediums through which potential clients receive information.

Types of video content

Branded marketing videos are so effective because there are many different types. Because there are so many, the library of branded online content videos can be diverse. Companies have a handful of different types of videos at their disposal. The trick is maneuvering the different kinds and deciding which ones will be most effective for the company’s branding strategy and purpose.

Product explainer videos

Product explainer video are introductory videos that companies typically create first. These marketing videos get potential customers familiarized with the product and/or service the company is offering. These videos are most effective when the product or service is relatively complicated and brand awareness is somewhat low. After watching, the audience walks away with a better understanding of the product/service and increased brand awareness for the company. It is also possible they gain the ability to identify a problem, previously unnoticed, that requires the attention of the product/service in the video.  

Overall, product explainer videos are crucial in the early stages of discovery in the sales cycle. They help you identify potential leads, increase brand awareness, and educate your audience. Beyond this, they also nurture secured leads and customers. Continued education and illustrating why customers need your product/service ensures the business relationship continues.

“How-To” Videos

How-to videos tend to be more engaging and active with the viewers. Typically, the audience of these pieces is more committed and intrigued than those watching explainer videos. How-to videos require a certain level of action and commitment from the audience. Conversely, explainer videos are merely introducing the topic and the company to them. Creating a familiar environment between the product/service, the company, and the audience is the focus of explainer marketing videos. How-to videos focus on taking action on both the part of the audience and the company.

How-to videos help outline processes and systems for potential customers. Moreover, they give viewers an idea of how your company operates and the insight it can offer.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos focus on expanding the brand awareness and familiarizing more people with the company’s online brand. These marketing videos are also very useful in increasing the number of site visitors to the company website.

Beyond increasing brand awareness, promotional videos can also focus around specific events, conferences, summits, etc. that the company is involved in or hosting. Promotional videos regarding these specific instances show your target market, and current clientele, that your company is continually improving and learning. Moreover, it demonstrates a high level of activity and potential networking connections that your company has within the industry. All of which lead to higher levels of brand awareness, loyalty, and prestige.

“Meet our Team” videos

Nearly every company has a “Meet the team” page on their website. This allows visitors to see and learn more about the people working for the company, and potentially on their specific case. While this is fairly standard, creating a branded online video for your “Meet our team” section diversifies you. Moreover, this creates a high level of trust, personality, and comfort between the company and the consumer. Finally, it adds an extra layer to your company’s online content and online brand. Engaging and connecting with your customers becomes a staple component of your brand’s personality, a positive quality in any industry.

Webinars and conferences

Uploading live or previously recorded webinars, conferences, presentations, etc. can also beneficial pieces for your online content. These marketing videos add an interesting and deeper take to important industry topics. Even if your company is not hosting the event, reposting video content from it can still be beneficial and advantageous for your audience and your brand.

Webinars, conferences, and presentations are all valuable video pieces to include in your company’s online content.

Why are branded online marketing videos important?

Branded online marketing videos are important because they communicate important information to consumers, while also portraying your company’s brand. Effectively, marketing videos act as a part of your company’s online public relations management. Moreover, an extensive library of relevant marketing videos contributes to your company’s competence, knowledge, and industry experience. The more videos you have, the more informed your team looks. Additionally, it creates a level of consistency within the brand personality and messages to viewers.

Apart from increasing your company’s brand awareness, audiences also respond better to information in videos than most other mediums. As a passive activity, viewers tend to prefer videos over text and actually process the information better. Moreover, videos have higher levels of sharing on social media than text pieces do. This means that videos tend to reach more viewers than articles or blogs. As videos reach more audiences, important search engines like Google tend to place them higher on the results page. Ultimately, resulting in even more exposure and views.

Wrapping up

Branded online marketing videos are proving to be an important part of a company’s online content. These videos are useful in establishing and building relationships with consumers, while also transmitting valuable information about the industry. Companies should look into increasing their library of marketing videos so as to increase their perceived credibility and industry experience. Through the many different types of marketing videos, companies can establish a comfortable foundation of content for their websites and social media accounts.

For more insight into marketing videos and other topics, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also check out some of our own “how-to” and informational videos on our YouTube page. If your company is looking into building up your branded online marketing videos library, contact Biz Online Marketing. We help create an online brand personality consistent with your company culture and products/services offered.

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