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Personal Branding Strategies

In today’s world, digital marketing and branding in general, are becoming more and more critical in any business, be it an online one or not. An important component of this is “personal branding”. You might have heard the term, but do you know what it means?  As its name implies, ...

2023 trends: Digital marketing for start-ups

As you might have noticed, digital marketing for start-ups is a skyrocketing tendency and is close to crucial for businesses to deal with in order to be competitive today. However, it is not sufficient just to learn about online marketing - it is vital that your business follow the current ...

3 Psychological facts to apply in Marketing

3 Psychological data to apply in Marketing The use of psychology in marketing appeared in the late 80's, since that time, these two areas of knowledge have joined together for the development of sales. Psychology within marketing is the use of techniques or strategies that seek to understand the behavior ...

5 SEO tips to optimize a blog

Applying search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to a blog is critical if you want your content to be found and read by people interested in the subject you are writing about.  SEO involves a variety of techniques and will benefit your blog when you begin to implement them While ranking ...

A short review of what social media marketing is all about

Social media marketing is an effective method for companies of all sizes to reach consumers and find opportunities. For smaller businesses it is particularly important because an effective social media presence can provide them with traction among consumers that they would have struggled to achieve via more conventional marketing methods. ...

A New Revolution in Consumer Behavior in Latin America

For decades, the shopping mall has been an integral part of Latin American culture. Besides shopping malls holding every imaginable product in a wide-array of stores, it also serves as a place for people from all walks of life to enjoy entertainment and food. Consumer behavior in Latin America has changed ...

Three Social Media Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Social media trends are changing rapidly and it is increasingly important to adjust to them in order to plan your marketing strategy, grow your audience and reduce costs. In this article we will analyze trends that have been named in Hootsuite's Global Social Media Trends Report 2022, a report that ...

4 Content Marketing Methods to Increase Traffic & Engagement

Increasing your website traffic is one of the most obvious and important goals when it comes to producing and publishing content with the aim of attracting clients and customers. The quality of your content has the power to attract new customers Your content is what provides information on the goods ...

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