How to Build Your Personal Branding Through Byline Guest Posting?

Personal branding is essential to one’s professional identity and success nowadays. With the latest onset of digital marketing and online business, building up that personal brand online is even more important. Byline guest posting is one very effective way in which you can build your personal brand online. It offers a unique set of benefits that make your personal brand stand out, and continue to stand out, amongst the rest. Below, Biz Online Marketing dives into the world of online personal branding, the benefits of byline guest posting, and how you can get to working on your online presence.

Personal branding online 101

Your personal brand is the message/image that people see and/or think of when they think of you. With great access to different tools, platforms, technologies, and audiences, individuals have more control over their personal brand than ever before. This means you control what content you create, where you put it, and when you publish it. Online access fuels the creation and continued development of the personal branding practice. Moreover, while personal brands must be consistent, they don’t necessarily grow along a definitive course. The creation of online content, whether it be digital videos, articles, blogs, or photos, develops and changes with technology. As you build your brand and improve upon your skills, other opportunities and practices will emerge online. Be sure to stay up to date on the latest online marketing trends and digital strategies.

Enhancing your personal branding strategy online is crucial for exposure and professional success.

What is byline guest posting?

Hardly new to the online marketing content world is byline guest posting. This component of digital marketing entails individuals writing for companies/websites other than their own. As a published piece, the original author’s name typically appears with the article. Essentially, when byline guest posting, you are creating content for another business’s website and receiving the credit. The caveat lies in the fact that guest posters rarely get paid for their efforts. This is because the websites understand the benefits of byline guest posting for the author.

When engaging as a guest poster, you are tasked with coming up with article topics for the website. After approval, you draft the piece for the website, tailoring the tone, vocabulary, subheadings, and relevance to audience of the respective website. Since every site you write for is different, your tone and topics will vary as well.

Personal branding and guest posting: a perfect pair

Online personal branding can be further enhanced through byline guest posting. Below are just some of the many benefits of guest posting for your personal branding strategy and presence online.

Increased awareness of you and your personal brand

Firstly, acting as a guest poster increases exposure and awareness of your name, and thus your personal brand. When you first start byline guest posting, you are working off of a smaller base/foundation. However, after you build up your portfolio, your name will appear more often and higher up on search engine results. Moreover, the more content you create, the more you can cross-reference other original works on other pages. Overall, more people will see your name and the type and quality of content you produce. You can also tailor the pieces you do to match what you specialize in to further enhance your brand. Exposing readers to your name is one thing. However, effectively introducing your expertise and personal branding to them is a valuable benefit of byline guest posting.

Byline guest posting can increase exposure and awareness of your personal brand.

Increased traffic to business and/or other content

As mentioned previously, byline guest posting increases awareness and exposure to your name online. To further build upon your personal branding strategy, you can insert hyperlinks in your articles to other articles, websites, and/or businesses for which you work. This is a great way to increase the number of people visiting your site. Otherwise known as traffic, this is an increasingly important figure to track and grow. Increased traffic leads to more exposure to your personal brand, your business, your content, and your legitimacy.

Expanding your professional network

Beyond increasing awareness of your personal brand and traffic to your content, byline guest posting can enhance your professional network. The process of becoming a guest poster lends you the chance to reach out to many different people in the professional realm. Beyond showcasing your talents and expertise, you learn more about them, their experiences, and career path. Here, you have the opportunity to make a business deal and add an experienced professional to your network. If they are continually impressed with the work you produce, they may have room for you on their team full time. If not, they can still be a valuable individual when it comes to backing up your personal brand and quality of work.

Grow your ability to influence

Finally, byline guest posting can increase your credibility and ability to influence. By showcasing your interests, experience, and knowledge in a portfolio of written works, you enhance your legitimacy and competency. More work, and more sites on which to post, demonstrates the depth and breadth of your knowledge. Ultimately, when readers and potential clients read your work, they will have insight into your personal brand. When others understand the degree of your knowledge and experience, and that others are valuing it as well, your ability to influence others grows. As a result, ‘influential’ and ‘leader’ become common buzzwords associated with your personal brand.

The ability to influence decisions grows with your personal brand and the content you publish.

How to start byline guest posting

To successfully build up your personal branding with byline guest posting, there are some steps you have to take first. Becoming a guest poster does not happen overnight. It will take patience and a consistent effort before landing your first account.

To land your first byline guest posting job, you need to start by focusing in on a handful of sites and businesses that feature guest posters. Choose ones that have similar interests as you. Be sure to read some of the articles they post. Doing this will give you insight into the audiences they target and the overall tone of the site. Moreover, it will help you brainstorm relevant article topics to present to the site director.

Brainstorming and choosing topics is a crucial piece. The ideas you suggest have to be in line with the overall theme of the site, but also unique. Bringing unique ideas to the table will prove your value, knowledge, and experience with the industry. This also complements your personal brand and preparedness.

Finally, reach out to the site. Explain yourself, your background, and your ideas. Each sentence you write and/or speak to them should be communicating some essence of value you will bring to them/the website. With the right presentation, ideas, and influencing, you’ll be on your way to writing in no time.

Wrapping up

Byline guest posting is undoubtedly a valuable asset to online personal branding these days. To diversify your personal brand and its portfolio, you should definitely entertain the idea. Beyond a diverse portfolio of works, you will reap many other benefits from guest posting.

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