Personal Branding: How to Get Published on Google News

Monitoring and constantly improving your personal branding activity should be one of your top priorities as an entrepreneur. Your personal brand online not only advertises you and your expertise to the world, but it also indirectly advertises your business. The more robust and abundant your personal brand is online, the better off you and your company will be. Part of building up this impressive online image is positioning yourself as a thought leader in the industry. To do this successfully requires deliberate planning and authorship of different content online. Writing and publishing articles online is a major component of this piece and can be even more important should they be published on Google News.

Getting articles published on Google News is an incredibly helpful asset to have in your personal brand repertoire. However, given its elite status and limitless exposure to individuals and consumers, not just anyone can be published on Google News. Only high-quality content from industry experts and renowned sources have access to exposure on this site. Biz Online Marketing explores how you can position yourself as a thought industry for your personal brand by getting published on Google News.

Build up your online personal branding

Online personal branding is crucial to securing new leads and growing your company’s clientele portfolio.

Before moving into how to get published on Google News, we need to start at the beginning. Building up your personal brand online is the first and foremost step in this pursuit. If your personal brand is not big enough, Google simply won’t recognize it. This means none of your content will see the front page of Google News. Thus, you must first ensure that your personal brand online has both breadth and depth.

Building up your personal brand offers you so many different avenues and approaches. Online marketing nowadays is incredibly diverse with the type of content that viewers see and engage with. This gives you the opportunity to diversify the type of content your name and personal brand produce. To better engage viewers and audiences, produce more online marketing videos, be active on social media, create and share infographics, conduct interviews and share them online or on a podcast. There are countless ways in which you can get creative with your marketing to better engage your audience. Moreover, diversifying the content you produce will add breadth to your personal brand.

Diving deeper into the depth of your personal brand can be tricky. Diversifying content production online for better breadth takes a lot of time and creativity, but you can get it done with the right team. Bringing depth to your personal brand requires you to dedicate yourself to becoming a thought leader in your industry. You should be producing content with ideas, connections, suggestions, and predictions that are unique and stand out. Do so while still maintaining your credibility. You can also build depth for your personal brand by producing content for different outlets. Guest posting on other websites is very useful in this space as it increases your online connectivity, network, and brand exposure.

Publishing on Google News

As stated previously, appearing on Google News can be incredibly beneficial and important for your personal branding strategy. However, it does entail quite a bit of work. Publishing on Google News requires that your content be of high quality and engaging for audiences to read. To be of high quality, Google News outlines its general requirements for articles and authors.

To help your personal branding and brand exposure, be sure to comply with Google’s expectations for article content.

Managing the tech side

The first step in getting your content Google-News ready is ensuring that all the technical aspects are in place. For Google News, there are specific requirements and expectations, should your article appear on the page. First, the article’s URL must be static and unique. This means that Google should be able to link back to the same code originally used for the article and have it work. Dynamic URLs require Google to redirect and relink users to the content, which ultimately ends up causing problems.

Secondly, ensure that your article is solely using HTML formatting. Google News will not process through or show any content containing JavaScript. If your article has JavaScript in it, Google will not pull it for the News page.

Finally, make sure that your URL, code, and slug are all clean and contain the topic of the article seamlessly. This means that each component should have the article title in it, and nothing else. Do not include other bits of information in any of these pieces because it will confuse the system and slow it down. Google is all about fast and accurate results. If your code, slug, and URL are disjointed, your article will not comply with these expectations. As a result, you won’t be published on Google News.

Continually publish content

To best increase your chances of being published on Google News, you should be producing and updating content on a daily basis. This will improve your SEO rankings and make your content stand out to Google. Be sure to make daily content of your own work. Reposting and sharing related content are helpful for increasing exposure and improving your personal brand. However, unique, user-generated content is your best chance at getting published on Google News.

Try writing for well-known sites

Publishing content on sites like Forbes and Entrepreneur elevate your personal branding strategy remarkably.

Websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, CNN, and NASDAQ are known throughout all industries, sectors, professions, and even in most countries. These platforms give you a chance to reach an impressive audience size. In an attempt to build your personal brand and appear on Google News, you should be reaching out to these sites as a potential guest poster. Sites Forbes and Entrepreneur impact your personal brand tremendously. The more content you produce on these renowned websites, the better exposure your personal brand, content, and business will get. Moreover, Google News already recognizes these websites as high quality and puts their pieces at the top of its page. Your article on any of these sites stands a better chance of getting published on Google than a piece you post on a lesser known website.

Benefits of personal branding

Building up your personal brand and publishing on Google News has a host of desirable benefits for you and your company. Firstly, a bigger, well-connected online personal brand means that more and more individuals will see your name and your work. As more people explore your brand, content, and your company, they are essentially building up your brand exposure and brand recognition. More individuals will know your name, your brand, and the quality of work you produce simply from seeing it everywhere online. Moreover, if your content and personal brand appear abundantly throughout a particular industry or industry topic, your credibility increases as well. As does your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings and connectivity.

As you produce more content with unique ideas, you start to add ‘thought leader’ to your personal branding image. Thought leaders within industries are extremely powerful because they are the ones that individuals and consumers trust. They are the ones that have their content published on impressive, renowned websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, CNN, and NASDAQ. Overall, positioning yourself as a thought leader gets you greater exposure online and further builds credibility.

These intangible benefits to your personal branding accumulate to a greater good for your company. Ultimately, greater brand exposure, brand recognition, improved SEO rankings, credibility, and the reputation of being a thought leader attract more individuals and potential leads. The more inquiries and leads you have, the more deals you are sure to close. Overall, building your personal brand and appearing on Google News helps build your business tremendously.

Wrapping up

Overall, building up your personal brand online is essential to the success of your business these days. Part of your this is increasing the exposure your content gets. Having your work appear on Google News is a great way to increase content exposure and credibility. There are a handful of points to keep in mind when writing your content in an attempt to appear on Google News. Should you employ the aforementioned tips and tricks, your chances of being published increase tremendously. As a result, your brand and your company will realize major benefits and gains.

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