Route to Market: How to Best Use Digital Marketing in Latin America?

Digital marketing trends are spreading widely across all industries and markets. Traditional means of marketing are long outdated and yield comparatively insignificant results. Marketers across the globe were quick to adopt the hyper-targeted techniques and unique features of digital marketing. Notably, the presence of digital marketing in Latin America is becoming more apparent and impactful. The region is showcasing unique market opportunities, innovative and inventive ideas, and future economic growth to come. As a result, foreign and domestic businesspeople are starting operations in Latin America, with digital marketing as the path to success.

One challenge that inevitably accompanies digital marketing though is the incredibly high volume of content. In an opportunity-rich environment like Latin America, companies and individuals are trying to get in on the action in all types of industries and spaces. Trying to stand out amongst thousands of competitors and content pieces can seem daunting. Biz Online Marketing shares the ins and outs of successful digital marketing Latin America. By following the tips below, you and your company will be ready to capture and serve Latin America’s respective markets.

Rise of digital marketing in Latin America

Increased access to mobile devices sparked a wave of digital marketing in Latin America.

Digital marketing has been showing a steady increase in relevance and appearance across the globe for some time now. Tactics like email marketing, display ads, and pop ups have been commonplace findings when dealing with the internet in most developed countries. However, digital marketing in Latin America seems to have sprouted and blossomed all at once.

For a while, Latin America has fairly limited regional internet penetration. Personal electronic devices were hard to come by among the general population. Moreover, the internet and cell phone usage were essentially restricted to business endeavors. However, as the distribution of wealth has gradually equalized amongst the population, more people have immediate access to the internet. Now, Latin America is the fourth largest mobile market in the world. Of this market, 50% of individuals indicate they use their mobile as their main internet and digital source. Additionally, 67% of shoppers in Latin America indicate they are willing to make purchases online through their mobile devices if it is compatible.

The rise of digital marketing in Latin America due in part to the increase in availability of digital technologies to the population. The market size susceptible to digital marketing messages in the region hovers around 200 million, which is slightly bigger than that of the U.S. With the potential for such a captive audience, businesses in Latin America are investing substantially. Investment in digital marketing in the region is projected to grow at 9.9%, the highest rate in the world. In 2019, the region collectively spent $7.47 billion on internet advertising according to Statista. This figure should increase by $2 billion by 2022.

Best tactics for digital marketing in Latin America

Digital marketing in Latin America offers businesses the opportunity to reach a sizeable and qualified target market. However, as mentioned previously, there are obstacles that come with tackling the digital marketing space in this region. High volumes of content in the digital space leads to intense competition for space and user’s attention. To overcome these issues, follow the tips and tricks below for digital marketing in Latin America.

Guest posting

Showcase your industry knowledge, insight, and expertise in your digital marketing with guest posts on credible sites like Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Guest posting is one of the most efficient ways to build your digital marketing presence. Essentially, guest posting is when you and/or your business create content for other websites and platforms. Through this content, you can link blogs, channels, platforms, studies, and other content that you and/or your business have authored. You can diversify the type of guest posts you create, the platforms on which you post, and the topics about which you write. Just make sure that all the piece’s components are cohesive and applicable to both your brand and the target audience. Be creative in how you approach different topics and relating them back to your brand, core values, strengths, etc.

There are many benefits to adding this practice to your plan for digital marketing in Latin America. Advantages like SEO improvement, increased brand awareness, reputation as a thought leader, augmented credibility, and nutured relationships are just a few. To take full advantage of all the benefits of guest posting, try to write for well-established site like Forbes or Entrepreneur. Thousands of individuals, businesspeople, thought leaders, and industry experts engage and read content on these sites. A high-quality guest post on the right topic can launch your content, and your brand, to the top of the results page. After reading the post, you and your company will inevitably jump to the forefront of the consumer’s mind as well.

Use language to your advantage

Tackling digital marketing in Latin America may seem difficult to do, especially if you don’t speak Spanish and/or Portuguese. However, juggling multiple languages within your target market can prove to be a major opportunity for your business. Instead of seeing it as an obstacle, reframe it. Use it as a chance to communicate with a market you otherwise wouldn’t have had access to. Digital marketing gives you the chance to speak to individuals in whatever language they speak, without specifically requiring you to speak it.

The key in harnessing and developing this opportunity is through a multilingual team within your marketing operations. Recreating your content in a variety of languages not only allows you to reach otherwise missed market segments, but it also makes the segment feel seen and cared for. Moreover, a diverse collection of market segments offers opportunity to create new and diverse content, given the segment’s characteristics. Digital marketing allows marketers to acutely target their content for certain groups and types of people. Given Latin America’s diverse population, digital marketing can greatly benefit your company’s efforts in reaching and connecting with different segments in different languages.

Videos dominate digital marketing in Latin America

Use promotional videos in your digital marketing to best engage with consumers in Latin America.

Video content proves to be a reliable and engaging form of digital marketing in Latin America. Research shows that, as a whole, the region reacts strongly and positively towards brands that create and post promotional videos as part of their digital marketing strategy. This is, in part, due to the increasing number of cell phone owners. This population has easy access to social media platforms. Here users engage with brands on a visual and sensationalistic level. Thus, it is no surprise that social media users in Latin America encourage video content from brands.

Given such strong positive reactions to video, 17% of marketers in Latin America are now prioritizes it in their strategies. By contrast, only 11% of marketers in North America reported that they were prioritizing video content in their digital marketing plans. Ultimately, visuals and videos should be one of the main focuses in a digital marketing approach. The digital world relies heavily on visuals to attract and appeal to individuals. Couple the focus on imagery with humans’ rapidly declining attention span, and videos look to be the key to success within the space of digital marketing.

Enable cross-channel compatibility

Finally, to ensure success with digital marketing in Latin America, make sure your content is compatible across different technologies, devices, browsers, and mediums. You want to be able to reach your audience no matter what device or provider they are using. Having digital content that only works for one type of user won’t bring you the return on investment you’re looking for.

Moreover, a previous statistic mentioned that 67% of Latin American shoppers would make a purchase on their cell phone if it were compatible. While this is a favorable statistic, the key to success is in executing the final component of it. Cell phones are becoming common place in Latin America now; more popular, accessible, and affordable than personal computers. As the main means of online shopping in the region, your digital marketing content and offers need to be compatible with cell phones. Otherwise, your efforts towards digital marketing in Latin America will be moot.

Get started on your digital marketing campaign today

Digital marketing in Latin America presents marketers with many opportunities to reach and connect with new audiences and existing consumers. The focus of the efforts should be on expanding your brand awareness online and connecting with the audience. Whether they form through guest posts, promotional videos, or overall engagement, your business will benefit from a digital marketing strategy.

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