What Are the Best Digital Marketing Companies in Latin America?

Digital marketing is becoming an integral part of a company’s overall marketing strategy. For some time, companies and consumers were both shifting to online, digital platforms for information on brands, conducting business, and building professional/public relationships. As a result of the global pandemic, practically every business has been forced to embrace this movement online wholeheartedly. Lockdowns and quarantines mean the only way for consumers to familiarize themselves with brands is in an online space. Thus, pursuing business expansions to new countries and regions calls for increasing the company’s digital marketing footprint. Luckily, digital marketing companies in Latin America are well-equipped to handle the development and growth of both foreign and domestic companies entering the region.

With digital marketing being so important in the business world these days, it’s no surprise that there are countless firms in the Latin American region. To help navigate you and your business through this highly occupied space, Biz Online Marketing shares with you the best digital marketing companies in Latin America. Depending on your needs and goals for your online marketing strategy, one firm could be better fit than another. The following rundown will help you decipher between the best options at hand.  

Development of digital marketing companies in Latin America

Internet access and smartphone usage in the region prompted digital marketing companies in Latin America to take action and seize the market opportunity.

The presence of digital marketing companies in Latin America has been growing exponentially recently. Thanks to an increase in overall regional access to the internet, more individuals and businesses rely on it for information gathering and as a means of purchase. According to Statista, 59% of people living in Latin America had internet access in 2018. This figure is an impressive jump from 2011’s estimation of 36%. Internet penetration across the region varies depending on country too. Chile, a highly developed country in Latin America, had 82% internet penetration as of January 2020. Other impressive penetration figures come from the Caribbean (85%), Costa Rica (74%), and Mexico (69%). For comparison purposes, Statista reported in July of 2020 the U.S. had an internet penetration rate of 85.8%. These comparisons highlight the fact that digital marketing is just as accessible and impactful in Latin America as it is in the U.S.

Entrepreneurs and marketers saw internet penetration across the region increasing steadily. Analyzing this trend and seeing the transition other countries were making to online platforms, they started forming businesses. Pretty soon, digital marketing companies started popping up all over Latin America. Now, they are essential in helping businesses in Latin America reach their full potential, both online and offline.

Top digital marketing companies in Latin America

Digital marketing is increasingly important in Latin America, and Biz Online Marketing provides a list of the best firms in the region.

Understanding the background behind the growth and emergence of digital marketing companies in Latin America gives insight into the industry as a whole. With solid foundational information regarding online and internet growth in the region, you can apply it to your analysis of digital marketing companies. Below, we list the top digital marketing companies in Latin America and provide valuable insight on each one.


First on the list of digital marketing companies in Latin America is BullMetrix. An Argentinian company, BullMetrix established itself in the digital marketing space in 2015. At the core of this company is their mission to focus on the prosperity of their clients. They strive to not only boost their client’s brand online, but also create sustainable, long-term growth. BullMetrix achieves these goals through its talented teams. These teams employ the use of marketing analytics to build and/or alter digital marketing plans for their clients. Moreover, combining analytics with technology, creativity, and innovation, BullMetrix can devise a strategic course of action for their client’s online strategy.

The BullMetrix clientele portfolio includes companies like Naranja, Assist Card, farmacity, BBVA, BancoPiano, Universidad de San Andres, and others.

Biz Online Marketing

New to the group is Biz Online Marketing. Headquartered in Bogotá, Colombia, Biz Online Marketing was founded in 2020 and is steadily growing its clientele base. BOM qualifies as one of the top digital marketing companies in Latin America because of the wide array of services and expertise it offers. Other digital marketing companies focus their efforts on a singular aspect of online marketing. Conversely, we dedicate our efforts to building, perfecting, and executing all facets of a robust digital marketing strategy. This includes search engine optimization, online PR, personal branding, promotional videos, logos and designs, and content marketing.

Biz Online utilizes SEO and other online tactics to attract individuals to your company’s content and website.

Our teams are able to offer and optimize all these pieces of your digital marketing plan by focusing on the digital content component. Digital content can vary depending on client and industry; however, we use the same basic guidelines for creation. Overall, Our goal is for your digital marketing campaign is to increase brand awareness, improve online public relations, grow your personal brand, and encourage engagement. Through our high-quality content pieces, like guest postings, articles, promotional videos, social media strategies, and website and logo design, we build your brand’s online reputation and image.


Zetenta is another success story under the category of digital marketing companies in Latin America. As a full-service digital agency in Buenos Aires, Zetenta focuses on web development, social media, and web design. With sixteen years of experience and an attentive team, the company is able to provide their clients with top-quality content.

Zetenta’s clientele portfolio is incredibly diverse. The company services enterprises (>$1B), midmarket ($10M-$1B), and small business (<$10M) in all types of industries. Popular clientele industries include real estate, consumer products & services, retail, media, hospitality & leisure, eCommerce, automotive, and nonprofit. Within each of these industries, Zetenta’s team tackle different digital marketing approaches and tactics. Satisfied clients of Zetenta include companies and corporations like Disney, Bic, Syngenta, Molinos, Banco de Alimentos, Pegasus, Pepsi, and many others.

Creativos RD

In Guadalajara, Mexico is another impressive, qualified digital marketing firm: Creativos RD. Representing Mexico in the space of digital marketing companies in Latin America since 2004, Creativos RD ‘builds your brand.’ The company uses teams of artists and content creators to birth creative, unique ideas and strategies for each client. The majority of Creativos RD’s services are focused on online branding, but they also offer social media marketing and advertising.

Success stories and satisfied clients include Quántico, Prisa, Powerade, Impulso, Sauza Tequila, Topo Chico, and many others. Moreover, the firm has an impressive array of awards in its name. In 2020, Clutch awarded “Top Advertising & Marketing,” “Top Branding,” “Top Digital Marketing,” and “Top B2B Companies” to Creativos RD.

Digital Marketing in Real Estate: The Rise of Luxury Rentals in Cartagena

The digital landscape in Latin America is rapidly evolving, and with it, various industries are leveraging online platforms to reach a wider audience. One such sector that’s gaining traction is the real estate market in Cartagena. Known for its picturesque beaches, historical sites, and vibrant culture, Cartagena is becoming a sought-after destination for luxury living. Digital marketing plays a pivotal role in showcasing luxury house rentals in Cartagena to a global audience. By leveraging SEO, content marketing, and social media strategies, real estate agencies can effectively highlight the allure of living in this coastal paradise. As more individuals and businesses recognize the potential of Cartagena as both a vacation spot and a business hub, the demand for luxury rentals is set to soar. Digital marketing firms in Latin America are poised to assist real estate agencies in capturing this growing market segment, ensuring that Cartagena’s luxury homes get the spotlight they deserve.

Wrapping up

With this list of best digital marketing companies in Latin America, you have the foundational insight to make an informed and productive decision for your business. Building your digital marketing strategy is more important now than ever. Any of the aforementioned companies can help you and your business get on track for successful and effective online marketing. For more information on the world of digital marketing, stay in touch with Biz Online Marketing. Follow our accounts on LinkedInFacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube for latest news and insights.

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