What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Why Is It Important?

The internet and its infinite connectivity have changed the way the entire world operates and interacts. Looking specifically to business, international, domestic, and regional connectivity allows companies and consumers to find and serve otherwise unreachable markets. The internet’s impact and effect span beyond e-commerce though. Entire industries are established upon the internet’s function, and others are using it to increase industrial and brand awareness. The business of search engine optimization, or SEO for short, deals with these matters specifically. When managed correctly, search engine optimization can be extremely useful in promoting a company, industry, or product. Biz Online Marketing gives an overview of what it is, why it’s so important, and how to start managing SEO for your startup.

What is search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a means to increase and maximize the number of visitors to your website and/or online content. With so many websites and content bogging down cyberspace, it’s likely that a small company or startup website gets lost among everything. Getting lost results in few site visits, little to no activity on the sites, and ultimately missing your consumer. To avoid ‘getting lost,’ marketers and tech gurus devised a system by which a website and its content could optimize where and when it appears as a search engine result.

Search engine optimization includes analyzing how your online content and websites are performing.

SEO strategies are devised from social media marketing patterns, trending search engine topics, and key word research and optimization techniques. While there is an art and practice to the specifics of search engine optimization, understanding the basics isn’t too difficult. To best ensure your website and content appear as a top result to a search inquiry, you simply include these trending topics, words, and tags into your pieces and sites. In addition to including key words and topics in your content, you can also improve your SEO numbers by incorporating backlinks in your work. Both in-bound and out-bound links will increase the exposure of your content, website, and your overall brand.

Why is it important to optimize your site and conduct SEO

As mentioned previously, the internet is a limitless platform where the quantity of information, content, websites, and accounts grows exponentially. There is simply too much content online for one to set up a website, add articles, pictures, and information, and hope individuals arrive at the site organically without any help. Without any sort of search engine optimization, your digital brand will be lost in the abyss of cyberspace, untouched and unseen by anyone. To avoid this, digital marketers research and optimize company websites and content. With a well-managed strategy, your company’s online marketing efforts will appear as a top result for any related, optimized, inquiry.

Building brand awareness

Two people discussing about SEO
Establishing a presence online can be difficult for a company, but it is essential to do when working to increase brand recognition.

Beyond avoiding the doom of a digital blackhole, SEO is also important for brand awareness, lead generation, and brand loyalty. Through search engine optimization, individuals and potential clientele will be made aware of your brand. From their inquiry, your content and information will appear at the top of the results page. When they use your site and content to get the answers they are seeking, you establish yourself as a trustworthy, credible brand. They are now aware that your company exists, and they can continue to explore your site for further information and expertise.

Growing your portfolio

Brand recognition is the catalyst to creating much stronger customer-brand associations. Once the consumer recognizes the brand, then brand loyalty begins to form. Beyond brand loyalty, you will also better your brand with greater lead generation. Your clientele portfolio will be heavily reliant on online leads. This is because it happens to be one of the most efficient and effective ways to reach a large market. As your content becomes more optimized and your digital presence grows, so will your clientele portfolio and your revenue.

Managing online PR

Finally, search engine optimization is an increasingly important part of managing online public relations. Not only do marketers work to create informative, engaging pieces of content for the website, but they also work to make it seen. The more accessible and visible your site and content are, the better it is for brand exposure and digital relationship building.

How to start on your SEO strategy

Getting started on your SEO strategy is the best way to start improving your digital marketing plan. The first step is making sure your content is creative and compelling, while also being effective. You want to leave any questions in the reader’s mind resolved and have them engaging with the content. Next, be sure to include and optimize the key words you use throughout your article. Key word distribution will help the search engines recognize and pull your site as a result. Moreover, you can further optimize the key word inclusion by including key words in the title, URL, meta description, and slug. Finally, make sure you are sharing your content and website links across different platforms. The more accessible they are, the more likely they will come up as results for inquiries. Moreover, sharing on different channels increases exposure and ultimately organic traffic.

A man working on a computer to learn about SEO
SEO management starts with creating quality content and then managing how the search engine reacts to it.

To best navigate the tougher components of search engine optimization, you’ll want to call on some experts, or become one yourself. Hiring a team of professionals to plan and manage your SEO strategy will be fast, effective, and prove to have many benefits. Once a strategy is in place, the content you and your team produce will be much more effective. If you are looking to become well-versed in the world of SEO, there are plenty of resources at your disposal. Simply doing some research will help you get one step closer to what you want to know. There are also a handful of classes and seminars that will give you more information and connect you to other likeminded businesspeople.  

Wrapping up

Search engine optimization is essential to your company’s digital marketing strategy. Without it, your content and website will not generate the level of interest and interaction they need to stay relevant. Developing and managing an SEO strategy is important for your company’s online exposure, brand recognition, loyalty, and lead generation. However, without proper training and a solid understanding of SEO standards and practices, developing a plan can be difficult. For more information on search engine optimization, follow our accounts on LinkedInFacebookInstagramYouTube, and Twitter. You can also reach out to our team here at Biz Online Marketing for further guidance and support.

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