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What the COVID-19 Pandemic has Taught us About the Importance of Online Marketing in Latin America

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic caused distress in commerce and health industries worldwide. Latin America was no exception to this trend, exemplified by this part of the world being consistently ranked among world regions where the pandemic and subsequent measures put in place to flatten the infection curve, have ...

Predictions: 8 Digital Marketing Predictions For the Coming Year?

2020 was easily one of the most unpredictable years ever. For individuals and businesses alike, each day brought uncertainty and ambivalence. The novel coronavirus forced people to stay inside and isolate themselves. Ultimately, this resulted in staggering drops in consumer-business interactions. To combat this never-before-seen problem, companies quickly adopted digital ...

Which Industries Are Embracing Digital Marketing in Latin America?

Across the world, digital marketing among businesses is increasing tremendously. Spending from 2017 to 2018 increased nearly 17 percent according to an October 2020 Statista report. Moreover, experts predicted an exponential increase in spending through 2025. In 2020, total expenditure has reached $345.948 million so far, up 3% from 2019. ...

Why Are Digital Marketing and Ranking on Google Difficult?

Digital marketing is taking businesses and industries by storm, and Google is leading the charge. When you have a question about something, to where do you turn? When looking for the hottest new products and brands, who has those answers and millions more? Google’s reach across the globe is impressive. ...

How to Use Your Personal Online Brand to Grow in 2021?

Given the outbreak of the coronavirus, many businesses had to readjust and adapt their 2020 plans to fit the changing environment. A major component of this readjusting was growing an online business presence, personality, and activity. Businesses that didn’t previously have an online presence adopted one out of necessity, given ...

Tourism and the New Focus on Digital Marketing

Amid recent international concerns and obstacles, the tourism industry has seen little activity in recent months. However, that doesn’t mean the industry is staying stagnant. If anything, individuals are dreaming of and yearning for touristic experiences and escapes now more than ever before. While there is still hesitation to travel, ...

Route to Market: How to Best Use Digital Marketing in Latin America?

Digital marketing trends are spreading widely across all industries and markets. Traditional means of marketing are long outdated and yield comparatively insignificant results. Marketers across the globe were quick to adopt the hyper-targeted techniques and unique features of digital marketing. Notably, the presence of digital marketing in Latin America is ...

What Are the Best Digital Marketing Companies in Latin America?

Digital marketing is becoming an integral part of a company’s overall marketing strategy. For some time, companies and consumers were both shifting to online, digital platforms for information on brands, conducting business, and building professional/public relationships. As a result of the global pandemic, practically every business has been forced to ...

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